It’s Shrimply The Best

Living and doing business in a small town with a big heart!

Eight years. I have been in business with Paisley Grace Makery for eight. whole. years. And this week over 100 new people walked through my doors, many of them expressing they “had no idea I was here.” You may be wondering, what brilliant marketing campaign did I launch to get so many new customers in just one week. I wish I could tell you…. but the truth is– the thing that brought so many new faces into my business was SHRIMP. Yes… You read that correctly. Shrimp.

No, I didn’t start a side hustle of a cooking business. I simply designed a door hanger in the shape of a large Shrimp (with a cute head) to celebrate our towns 58th Annual Shrimp Festival.

Well, actually that shrimp door hanger turned into a whole collection that included a banner, small porch sign, square and of course good ole Mr. Shrimp. When I tell you that I have NEVER painted so much with the color Coral– I am not exaggerating- we are talking GALLONS- and I am so thankful!

What really helped kick off the Shrimp Craze has a lot to do with what I talked about in the last post about Getting Your Face Out There because OTHER LOCAL BUSINESSES like our restaurants and hotels purchased Shrimp Door Hangers to decorate their doors. Then one person would ask another where they got it and lo and behold– a whole wave of friendly new faces out and about to hunt for Shrimp Door Hangers!

So, the next time you are trying to think on how to bring in new faces to your business, think small and think local. What is unique and special about your town and the beautiful people in it that you can solve a problem for? Maybe it’s just finding a cute Shrimp to put on their door!

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