Introducing Maker Bootcamp

A six week course designed to help you launch, grow and scale your paint party business.

You can turn your creativity into a money generating paint party business. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. My passion is to teach others how to systematically earn an income teaching DIY workshops, even if you don’t have experience running a business.

I started Paisley Grace Makery when I was pregnant and had just lost my job. It was overwhelming to tackle all of the tasks of marketing, designing, photographing and teaching workshops, especially while having two small children at home. After eight years in business, I have developed, tried, tested, scrapped, and implemented strong systems and practices to make a DIY workshop model THRIVE and withstand changes in the economy, life circumstances and yes… even pandemics.

I believe in community over competition. This course was developed to give you access to systems and resources that will help YOU run your business instead of your business running you. Don’t waste time trying to reinvent the wheel or create undo stress in your already busy life. It’s time to get serious about your craft so that you can start making more money and living your dreams. I’m not going to give you a bunch of fluff or surface level information. I promise to be . transparent, and answer your questions honestly. You will get a live look at the behind the scenes at Paisley Grace Makery.

By the end of the course you will…

  • Gain clarity on your branding to stand out from the competition
  • Understand crucial systems and procedures to put in place so that you are running your business, and your business is not running you.
  • Know where to find the best materials, machines and resources to maximize your efficiency in your paint party business, keeping profit in your pocket
  • Have a road map of the best projects to offer, types of workshops and how to bring in additional revenue to your workshop through various channels.
  • How to build anticipation in your customer base and scale towards a reoccurring revenue model
  • Know first hand how to manage orders, start your website, and provide a user friendly customer experience.
  • Have a strategic and systemized plan for reaching your customers through Social Media and Email Marketing.


Paisley Grace Makery Workshop

What is Included in Maker Bootcamp?

  • SIX Modules of Recorded Lessons with LIFETIME access.
  • SIX Small Group Zoom Calls with Heather to dive in and ask questions, gain insight and unpack how the training will affect your business.
  • Exclusive invitation to our Raising Makers Community Membership and Maker Meetups with active membership.
  • A 50 page workbook to help you apply each training to your specific business model.
  • Lifetime access to the Video Training Hub– including any updates.
  • Interactive Private Facebook group to ask questions and collaborate with fellow makers

Spring Bootcamp Dates: April 16th- June 1st

Reviews of Maker Bootcamp

Just finished up the April 2022 Training. WOW. I am shocked at how much information was given within a small timeframe. The gals are passionate about what they do and they tell it all! I opened my DIY Workshop just 5 months ago, and as a one-man show starting from the ground up and still working full time, this is exactly what I needed to propel my business forward. My sales have not been as great as I anticipated just starting out, but I’ve already implemented just a couple of things on my social media and it’s increased my sales in just a week’s time. Looking forward to continuing to digest all the information and implement even more great ideas. Although, it’s only been a couple of days since I finished Bootcamp — I really feel a breakthrough coming for my business with just a few adjustments needing made!

Chaste Begley, Owner of B Creative Workshop

Inspiring and Motivating

There is nothing like it. The bootcamp was filled with so much coaching, motivation, and so much great information to get you started towards your own creative business. The small group sessions and chats also made this bootcamp so wonderful, meeting others that are like minded and uplifting each other up also made the bootcamp so much more. The live sessions and Q and As are so personable, all the coaches are really so much fun and it is my preference to attend all live sessions instead of watching the playbacks, as being able to be apart of the conversation and energy is worth the cost times 10. Thank you so much and looking forward to the next installment!

Veronica Conrad

This is the best class I have ever taken.

~Stacy Perry, Owner at Dr. Stacey Paints

BEST Training for DIY Businesses

This has been one of the best investments for my small business. I’ve learned so much and it’s help me grow as a small business owner. I’ve also met some AMAZING friends.

Kristina Claudet-Theriot, owner of The Makery 504


I really enjoyed the boot camp! I could never attend the lives but found the playbacks super informative! I have my own studio and loved all the tips and tricks and just hearing about other makers success stories was awesome. We learned about sourcing and also about some programs I can Integrate into my business. I really enjoyed the finding your why as well as all the Q&A…I signed up for the next phase as well! I highly recommend. Thank you ladies for a wonderful boot camp experience!!

Stacy Merkel, Owner of Get Crafty Soley You

Where do I even begin? Learning from Heather for the last 18 months has been such a blessing. She’s passionate about all things DIY studio and extremely real when it comes to understanding that the ladies she coaches have full plates just like her’s. We’re moms and wives and community members along with being business owners and she is too which makes her very relatable. I can’t say enough about her program.

Gwynn Carla Jones, owner of Olive & Oak

I’m so glad I found this group! This bootcamp is super informative. The ladies know their stuff, are so friendly and were eager to share their knowledge. I found this bootcamp to be inspiring & motivational. Getting to know other makers in a similar place is also helpful & it’s been great getting to know them all. I wasn’t able to attend all the zoom meets as I was away. Having access to the recordings and posts was awesome. Highly recommend! I was sad when it was over!

Erin Putzig, Owner of Mommys Board Silly


What if I fall behind schedule?

That’s okay! All of the main training is in pre-recorded videos, complete with transcripts, that you have lifetime access to! Life happens, and things get in the way– but I want you to be able to always reference back to the material as your business grows and changes. If you have to miss one of our Q&A Zoom calls, you can submit questions to be answered ahead of time and still watch the recording at your leisure.

Is the course prerecorded or live?

A little of both! While all of the main training is done in short clip videos, it is important to me to tailor the experience to each Bootcamp class. That is where our LIVE Q&A Zooms come in! This is your time to ask specific questions on how to apply the training to your unique business. We also have a group Facebook page to be able to connect, share and inspire.

When will the Zoom calls be?

Our zoom calls will be Thursdays at 12pm EST. We will discuss the module of the week and any questions and answers the group may have.

Will I get to see the Behind-The-Scenes of Paisley Grace Makery?

Absolutely! One of my favorite things to do in our Facebook group is to go live and give you a tour of the entire studio! From our machines to our paint room and everything in between! This is your chance to be inspired, check out some of the organization we’ve implemented and see the supplies we use to make our workshop run efficiently.

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